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3 Pro Web Design Tips for 2016

It goes without saying that the world of web design is ever changing, hence the need to keep with the latest trends in web design is essential. In terms of building an online presence or integrating e-commerce into already existing sites, most large-scale companies rely on the services of experts.

Web Design Tips for 2016

How to stay in the loop with responsive web design

The massive increase in mobile usage has made the responsive design to be essential for businesses that aim to be competitive. Users look for a smooth browsing experience every time they use a tablet, smartphone, or even a desktop computer. This explains why it’s worth brushing up on some of the latest tips and tricks for creating an optimized browsing experience.

By showcasing your web design skills and knowledge of what’s new in the field are excellent ideas to increase your chances of finding new clients. In order to catch up on the best practices for web design, here are 3 pro web design tips for 2016 you might want to consider:

1. Opt for high-quality images

Needless to say, a website looks plain and boring without any picture present. You could choose to add at least one image or perhaps a series of images which represent your brand. Some web designers go for a moving image for their website. These moving images will express more words compared to a still photograph, not to mention they use up less bandwidth than an actual video. Images (regardless if still or moving) will definitely spice up your website and keep your audience entertained for a while.

Always keep in mind that a good choice of images allows you to establish a connection with your target audience in a quicker pace than you think. You should always opt for optimized high-quality images which are either taken by professional photographers or purchase them from reliable photo stocks. They should also load fast, considering that most people nowadays don’t have the patience to wait long for your page to load.

2. Consider better typography

Typography is none other than the art of letter designing. With the help of Google Fonts, the available typography which you can use has greatly improved from the traditional Comic Sans and Arial fonts. Also, the future will more likely emphasize on fonts and their sizes. Even though lots of websites are adopting the change in typography, there are still those which are still behind in following this trend. It’s essential, especially as a web designer, to incorporate better typography to allow their brand to have a better online presence.

3. Stick with “last year’s” trends

Since some trends of the previous years have been proven effective in 2015, it’s likely that they will also work perfectly fine this year 2016. The trends I’m talking about are the following:

Responsive designs – as of now, having a responsive web design is compulsory. It can be considered a no-brainer to not have a fully functional design which works on devices like tablets, smartphones, and more.

Parallax scrolling – websites which conform to the methods of parallax scrolling showcase backgrounds which move slowly compared to the foreground. This tends to create unique animations and is expected to follow in this year 2016 and even in the following years.

With the various trends in web design this 2016, it’s essential to keep up and opt for tips which emphasize on these said trends. With these 3 pro web design tips for 2016, you’ll definitely be able to keep up with the competition, or even come out on top.